Steve's Canyon

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Distance - 2.1km return Elevation gain - 325m
1 hour moving (return)

Steve's Canyon is the small valley east of Grotto Canyon. It includes some rock climbs, some ice climbs, and usually a few people looking for Grotto.
I hiked up here a short distance last year with Laurier, then ended up descending through it again coming down from Anklebiter Ridge.
I didn't remember any difficulties, but was thinking in scrambling terms, so I wanted to come back and check out the canyon for ice hiking.
In 2011, I was here on both March 27 and March 30, and the canyon was fully snow-covered with a viable ice climb.
That led me to assume that on March 31st of this year, we'd be fine.
As it turned out, other than some ice at the bottom, and the odd patch of snow, the rock was completely dry with no snow or ice!
I found myself missing my scrambling shoes, and we dedinitely did not use our microspikes...
Bagging the ice walk ideas, we just enjoyed the canyon scrambling. It is an awesome fun short trail, and I'll have to come back here to try the rock routes.

A bit of snow as we start into the canyon.

The canyon switches to bare rock - and the fun kind!

Some neat features I didn't even recognise bare.

Neat rock that's much less travellable in summer.

Erin hikes above a narrow section of creek.

Looking down the rocky creekbed.

Erin and Neil hike up the creek.

Neil stops for a drink of meltwater.

Hiking up through the creek.

Erin ascends the creek.

A little flow of water on this section.

More hiking beside the creek.

Awesome rock slabs in the dry creek.

What was an ice climb same time in a previous year is now a waterfall.

Erin and Neil check out the waterfall.

Hiking back down.

Neil and Erin take the rock for a sliding section.

Erin tries the slide.

More water lower in the canyon.

Cool rock topography that's hidden all winter.

Photos taken by Rachel

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