Marushka Lake

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Distance - 8.83km
1 hour, 30 min in, 1 hour, 15 min back

Pavel and I snowshoed to Marushka Lake along the standard road route to check it out.
I had also hiked in to the lake this summer, and it was really neat to see the difference.
It's quite a bit more open in the winter, due to the snow covering a lot of the brush and trees and lifting the walking grade.
I have detailed directions on the summer trip, and in winter, it's even a little more simple due to the less brush.
We took the main road until it ran out, then followed some tracks through the forest and in to the corner of the lake.

Walking to the starting point from the road pullout.

The snowshoe trail down the road.

The view across the Spray Lakes Reservoir is much more open.

Snowshoeing along the sunny trail.

Pavel snowshoes towards Mount Shark.

Snowshoeing through bits of trees.

This easy snowshoe bypass replaced this bushwhack.

The open trail with baby trees.

North-facing pano from Mount Shark on the left, across the Spray Lakes Reservoir and up the valley, to Mount Buller on the right.

Snowshoeing through the final trees.

Marushka Lake.

When we reached the thoroughly-frozen lake, we stopped for lunch in the sun, then crossed the lake and hiked up the headwall on the other side.
We didn't continue up the valley, as there is nothing notable to see in the winter, and an avalanche slope maybe a half kilometre in.
It was definitely worth hiking up just that slope, as the rock piles in the vally are extremely cool with five to ten feet of snow on top.

Mount Shark above the lake.

Pavel snowshoeing across the lake.

The route up the hill to the rock garden.

The upper valley with snowy rock piles.

On our way back, we followed the creek back a ways, then cut across to reach the main road trail again.
Unfortunately, the sun had turned the whole snowpack isothermal, making the 100m of trail breaking a wallowing mess.
Once back on the trail, the return trip was uneventful.

Starting down the creek.

Snowshoeing along the creek.

Pavel snowshoeing back along the trail.

A last look up the Spray Valley.

Photos taken by Rachel

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