Johnston Cayon

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Distance - 6.12km round-trip Elevation gain - 100m
2 hours moving, 2 hours stopped (we looked at a lot of things)

The Johnston Canyon trail is a classic and popular winter ice walk, but the scenery is excellent, and it's well worth doing at some point.

The frozen Lower Falls.

Catwalk through the canyon.

A very frozen double falls partway along the trail.

The bright blue ice in the solid falls.

The pool between the falls has a number of icepads.

The ice 'lilypads' floating around in the midway pool.

Another falls, seemingly missing a chunk of its ice.

The Upper Falls, icy as ever, and full of tourists.

A group of tourists wandering around without crampons or helmets...

Blue ice at the Upper Falls.

More beautiful blue ice.

Looking up the source of the falls.

More ice...

Great curtain of ice.

The sun lights up the ice for a bit.

Photos taken by Rachel

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