Snowshoe Hare Snowshoe Loop

Distance - 5.44km loop Elevation gain - ~100m? gently rolling
1 hour, 30 min hiking along the loop

The Snowshoe Hare trail is a new snowshoeing loop from the West Bragg Creek trailhead that makes a loop in between the Hostel and Telephone Loops.
As it had not snowed in a while, the trail was packed, and in places, dry, and we simply hiked the loop, and did fine without spikes.
It's a nice loop to hike, and would be a great snowshoe loop when there has been recent snow.
I would particularly recommend the loop for relatively new snowshoers, as it is extremely well-marked with orange placards, and would be good practice for less-clear routes.

Starting down the loop with plenty of signs.

Laurier hikes through an open area.

The frequency of the signs is great, and makes for clear travel.

A sunny area of the trail is completely dry.

A flooded creek was the only really icy area.

Hiking up to the high point of the trail.

Pretty trail through the aspens.

Aspen against the brilliant blue sky.

The snowshoe placard on an aspen.

Recent logging block in view off the trail.

Photos taken by Rachel

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