Rawson Lake

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Distance - 8km return Elevation gain - 300m

Another standard Rawson Lake trip with mixed sun and cloud. The only difference this time is that we stopped by the lake to get a good look at the ice, and there were some spectacular formations.

Snowshoeing near the lake.

The group wandering through the snow.

Rawson Lake, shaded as ever.

Upper Kananaskis Lake is a reservoir, and over the winter, lets out water in order to power southern Alberta's grid.
As the water recedes, it leaves surface ice along the shore, with great cracks and upthrusts showing the layers.

The sun peeks out above Rawson Lake.

Thick layers of lake ice left on the shore by receding water.

The layers are clearly shown in this block of upthrust ice - note the clear ice on the bottom, and less pure layers up top.

This thick block of ice is clear right through the whole layer.

The sun brings out the shadow of the cracks and shows the extreme clarity.

The group hiking back along the edge of the lake.

Finishing back at Upper Lake Day Use.

Photos taken by Rachel

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