Elk Pass

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Distance - 11km out-and-back Elevation gain - 200m
1 hour, 45 min (moving) out / 1 hour, 30 min return

The Elk Pass trail is a fairly new designated snowshoe trail that parallels the XC trails in the area, then takes the powerline to the pass.
The trail itself is not the most interesting, as it spends a lot of time along the powerline, but the area is pretty.
There is one major detour from the powerline as the trail diverts to descend into a large gully, and back to the powerline on the other side.

The group starts out on the powerline trail.

The trail takes an interesting detour deep in the gully.

Nice snowshoe trail in the gully.

The major powerline trail.

The sun came out near the end and lit up the trail.

The end of the Elk Pass trail is very popular, though all other groups were skiing.

The weather stays nice as we start back down the trail.

Photos taken by Rachel

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