Chester Lake

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Our route took us 7.38km round-trip, which included about 350m of elevation gain.
We hiked for just over 2.5 hours in total, and maintained a good pace. Finished early with only 1hr in breaks and lunch due to the snow.

Another hike to Chester Lake in great conditions!
December 1st came, and with it, Christmas! It started snowing about halfway through our trip, and continued for most of the rest of the weekend.
The forecast was a little uncertain, but a temperature inversion left us right around zero, for a wonderfully warm trip up to the lake.
I was in a tank top most of the way, though when we broke into the open area as the snow hit, most of us added a shell back on.
While the wind made the flats crossing chilly, the temperature stayed moderate and we had a pretty warm trip back down the trees.

The missing signs from a couple weeks ago have been replaced, though the bandanna remains.

Starting up the steep stuff.

The logging roads near the bottom.

Piles of snow, with a bit of fresh stuff to keep it nice.

The group hikes up.

Snow blows in as we reach the open flats.

We had a great view along the meadow...!

Lovely view of Chester Lake!
This was actually as we were starting to head down. When we arrived we couldn't even see the shape of a peak.
As the snow calmed a bit, we did get some neat glimpses of the peaks looming out of the clouds.

Hiking down.

The group near the end of the trail.

Photos taken by Rachel

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