Hogarth Lakes

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A nice early season loop around the Hogarth Lakes - with even a bit of sun in the morning!
The standard creek crossing was still a little thin, so we ended up going a little further to the second crossing, which was very solid).
The rest of the crossings were visible, as normal for early season, but all thoroughly solid.
The lakes looked pretty frozen, with snowshoe tracks along the edges, though we stayed to the shoreline.
The snow wasn't new (about a week old), but there was still some windblow to break through here and there.

Looking towards Burstall Pass from the start.

The view across Mud Lake.

Really nicely-preserved track from a small rodent critter.

Crossing the main creek.

Crossing a smaller creek in the open start

The route moves into the tree tunnel.

Hiking the trail.

Hiking around the lakes after the clouds came in.

Group photo!

Finishing up with the final large creek crossing.

Winter wonderland towards the end of the hike.

Photos taken by Rachel

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