Chester Lake
a good early-season workout

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The Chester Lake trail is a popular classic, with separate trails for skiing and snowshoeing.
The trails start together, and then the snowshoe trail turns off shortly - snowshoers should not be on the ski trail after that!!
Aside from staying out of the way of the skiers, the snowshoe route is a lot of fun, as it is not a summer trail.
That leaves it free to cut through the trees and up a designated route without a cleared trail.

Setting off on the trail.

The snowshoe turnoff is missing a sign and marked by a bandana.

Jeff and Evelyn head up the trail.

Jeff snowshoes through a winter wonderland.

A beautiful sunny day for snowshoeing!

And we go up!!

First break gives us a snowy meadow and gorgeous mountains.

Neat patterns in the sky as the clouds move in.

The others snowshoe in below dramatic skies.

Laurier, Jeff, and Evelyn head to the lake.

Snow angels!!

Snowshoe angels!

More pillowy snowdrifts.

Snowshoeing through the upper trees with less sun.

Following the trail with blue sky to the east.

Looking towards the lake basin.

Pano in the meadow before Chester Lake.

The snow is sparse on the windblown areas.

Chester Lake!

We had a good lunch by the lake, though unfortunately the clouds moved in steadily to take over the sky.
The snow was great on the way down, but the sun was lost for the rest of the day, and the temperature dropped a good few degrees.

Heading out after lunch.

Back into the trees.

Snowy day on the way down.

Evelyn on the trail.

Photos taken by Rachel

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