Paradise Vally
a fall hike in to Lake Annette

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Distance - 12.4km Elevation gain - ~300m
2 hours in / 1.5 hours out, average moving pace of 3.5km/hr

The Paradise Valley trail is a long 11km in to the end of the valley, but the good stuff starts well before the end.
We were actually scheduled for Larch Valley, but by the time we arrived, the cars were lined up until about 2km from Moraine Lake.
We decided to skip the whole thing, and hiked to Lake Annette in Paradise Valley instead.
The trail starts off in the forest, and is completely forested for about half the way in, but it is enthralling forest with old, large trees.
Unfortunately, it was dark enough that I failed to grab any good photos on that trail.
Halfway in, the trail breaks open into the valley, and floats back and forth across the creek a couple times.
After that, the trail moves into more open forest, and ascends steadily to Lake Annette.

First bridge across the creek.

Paradise Creek.

The ascent to the lake.

The trail rises to Lake Annette.

Lake Annette is a pretty deep bluegreen lake towards the north east end of the valley. It is tucked under Little Temple and the north face of Mount Temple.
When we arrived, the sun was still hidden behind Mount Temple, so everything was still fairly muted.
We had lunch, then hiked around to the south end of the lake for a look back.
By the time we returned after eating, the sun had made it around and was lighting up the lake.
As with all colourful Rocky Mountain tarns, the sun is really needed to bring out the colour.
Some photos from another group who came through later that day suggest that it only got better as the sun moved west.
If you're going to do this hike in the fall, it's definitely better later in the day when the sun can hit it fully.

A very green Lake Annette in the shade.

Larch trees along the west shore of the lake.

Rich green along the south end of the lake.

The group hikes around the edge of the lake for a view.

Sheol Mountain across the valley behind Annette.

Beautiful green colour in the shade.

This water was so inviting I *really* wanted to jump in...

The blues come out as the sun hits the water.

Blue-green lake in the sun.

The sun sparkles across the water.

Bright larch tree in front of Lake Annette.

More larch trees as we start our descent.

This part is just an in and out, and we returned uneventfully the same way.

Photos taken by Rachel

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