Foran Grade Ridge

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I've snowshoed Foran Grade Ridge, and regularly come out here in the spring, but have never been before in the fall.
The trail was actually really nice, and I'd recommend it for fall colours in the future.

Funky caterpillar at the road.

Fall colours at the trailhead.

Starting off through the aspen forest.

A couple of cyclists precede us on the trail.

Starting up the Foran Grade trail.

Foran Grade trail through the mixed forest.

Pano from the lower end of Foran Grade Ridge. Windy Point Ridge on the right, and the upper Sheep Valley on the left.

Mixed forest along the ridge.

Top of Foran Grade Ridge.

Windy Point Ridge from the west side of Foran Grade.

Wildlife on the trail!!!

The route down from the ridge.

Looking back up at the ridge from the west.

Great colours at the road crossing.

Starting down the Sheep Trail.

The Sheep Valley to the west.

Finishing up the trail.

Back to the trail.

Photos taken by Rachel

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