Larch Valley

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Distance - 4.5km each way Elevation gain - 500m

The trail to Larch Valley starts out with steady switchbacks to gain the majority of the trip's elevation.

Some hillside colour on the switchbacks.

A sunny section of the hill.

Once through the switchbacks, a trail heads deeper into the Valley of the Ten Peaks, to see Eiffel Lake and Wenkchemna Pass.
The other trail continues a little further uphill into Larch Valley, with the trees starting right away.
We were on the first of this year's larch weekends, and most of the trees were yellow, with a few deepended to gold, and some green still around.
The trail continues to a set of benches in the valley, and we went a little further to the upper level for a better view.

Hiking up into the valley.

The Larch trees.

Bright yellow larches.

The sunlit larch are brilliant against a clear blue sky.

The trail into the valley.

Looking across the valley to Mount Temple.

More green-to-yellow larch.

The lower level of Larch Valley.

Many of hte lower larches are still green this weekend.

Pano of the Ten Peaks and the larch trees.

More yellow larches as we ascend.

The valley is notable for being mostly larch.

The trail to the upper level.

More beautiful larch trail.

Eiffel Peak above Larch Valley.

The final ascent to the upper level.

Panorama Ridge from the valley.

The bench in the heart of the valley.

We hike up above the trees for a view.

Looking back down at the trees.

We took lunch at the valley overlook, with a great view of the lakes and larches, then returned the same way.
The overall distance/elevation gain for the day is not that great, but it's a slow trip due to enjoying the spectacular views.

The lesser Minnestima Lake with the larches.

Hiking back with Mount Fay behind.

More lovely larches.

A group of yellow trees.

Looking up-valley to Deltaform.

The Fay Glacier looms above the backdrop peaks.

Beautiful yellow larches.

The group hikes back down the valley trail.

Trail through the lower meadow.

Moraine Lake.

Clear blue Moraine Lake at the end of the day.

Photos taken by Rachel

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