Upper Kananaskis Lake Circuit

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The Upper Kananaskis Lake Circuit is a 16km loop around the circumference of the lake.
We started from Upper Lake Day Use, and first did the east shore.

Bright blue-green lake in the morning.

A penninsula on the east shore.

An island near North Interlakes that's only an island at super-high water.

The group hiking around the east shore.

We continued on around the north shore and through the rockpile to Lower Kananaskis Falls.

The rockpile at the NW corner of the lake.

Full lake on the west shore.

The river at the start of the lake.

Lower Kananaskis Falls.

The west and south shores of the lake are pretty much just forested except for one interesting note.
Just east of the Hidden Lake turnoff, there is what appears as a spring - the resurgence of Foch Creek, bubbling up from the ground.
At high water in early September, this is actually only just slightly above the water line, and the hilll it comes out of is actually an island.

The island with the 'spring'.

The group hikes along the water edge to have a look.

The island containint the 'spring'.

The water flows from about 6" above the water line.

Sarrail Creek Falls.

The group hikes past the falls.

Photos taken by Rachel

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