Karst Spring
A hike up an old fire road to Watridge Lake and a large spring.

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The trail takes an old fire road/ski trail to Watridge Lake, then crosses the outflow and follows a narrow trail upstream to the spring.

The old road is broad and easy walking with some nice views on the way to the lake.

Starting up the road.

Typical fire road views.

Getting close to the lake.

We stopped for a look at Watridge Lake, then continued up to the spring.

Watridge Lake.

The lake from the crossing.

The lake drainage and Cone Mountain in behind.

Forest trail to Karst Spring.

Elizabeth Falls flowing out of the spring.

We had lunch at Watridge Lake on the way back out, and took off our shoes to wade in.
The water was so warm and inviting, that Julia and I decided to go ahead and swim.
It was the sort of comfortable water that one could actually spend an afternoon swimming around in - awesome!

Watridge Lake.

Most of the group wading in the shallows.

Julia and I swimming.

An excellent lunch break!

The hike back along the road.

Photos taken by Rachel

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