Bow Glacier Falls
a hike to the falls below Iceberg Lake and the Bow Glacier

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The hike starts at the Num-Ti-Jah Lodge on Bow Lake.
We first hike around the north shore of the lake, and on along the gravel flats where the fledgeling Bow River feeds it.

Reflective Bow Lake in the morning.

Crowfoot Mountain.

A look towards the Bow Glacier.

The path begins along the lakeshore.

Crossing an inflowing creek.

The Wapta Icefield rises above the lake.

Mount Olive and Saint Nicholas Peak on the Wapta.

Starting onto the river flats.

Looking across the flats to the canyon.

When the Bow River disappears upstream into a canyon, the trail starts ascending the hillside beside it.
Up until this point, this is also the access route to the Bow Hut. The summer route continues up the hillside.
This canyon is the winter route into the Bow Hut.

Bow River Canyon.

The stairs to ascend beside the canyon.

Bow Glacier Falls right, Bow Hut left.

The group with Bow Glacier Falls behind.

Once we crest the headwall, it's a short hike in to the waterfall at the head of the cirque.
The trail is not clear for much of this, as the water changes course regularly, but it's easy to tell where to go and find a route.

Hiking down the Bow Glacier's terminal moraine.

Looking back at the terminal moraine - now far from the Glacier.

The falls ahead.

Hiking across roaming streambeds.

Bow Glacier Falls.

We returned down the same way, then took a slightly different route along the river flats to meet Bow Lake.

Starting the hike back.

The canyon and stairs.

Hiking along the river flats with the Wapta behind.

Hiking the flats.

When we returned to Bow Lake, the sun was shining brightly on it and bringing out the most amazing colour.
It shone so vibrantly it looked that if you picked up a handful of water it would be bright blue - an awesome way to finish the trip!

The Bow River flows into the lake ahead.

A first afternoon glimpse of Bow Lake.

Bow Lake and the view south.

The vibrant Bow Lake looking back at our route.

Nut-Ti-Jah Lodge at the other end of the lake.

A final look at the Bow Glacier.

Goodbye to Bow Lake.

Photos taken by Rachel

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