Parker Ridge
Day 2 of Icefields Parkway Multi-Day Hiking Trip

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The trail up Parker Ridge switchbacks up the North side before crossing the saddle to the Saskatchewan Glacier viewpoint.
It is also possible to hike up the ridge towards Mount Athabasca a ways, and in good weather, I recommend it.

We chose Parker Ridge as a backup for Wilcox Pass when it began to snow as we reached Wilcox Pass.
Parker Ridge was a little further to the south, and did not have the storm quite yet.
We managed to make it to the ridgecrest just as the storm hit, and get a view before the rain forced us back down.

Mount Athabasca gets the oncoming weather.

The group hikes up the trail.

View from the ridge.

The group makes it up.

Saskatchewan Glacier.

The weather hits as we head back down.

Photos taken by Rachel

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