Beauty Creek
Day 2 of Icefields Parkway Multi-Day Hiking Trip

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The Beauty Creek trail is a seemingly-unmaintained route along the shore of Beauty Creek.
The trail follows the creek up a canyon past a constant series of waterfalls to Stanley Falls at the end.

In the afternoon, the weather lifted a bit, so we headed to Beauty Creek to check out the waterfalls.
This is a great walk, as there are a ridiculous number of falls in a short distance - all quite nice, and many with great viewpoints.

Everyone take some photos!

The fire access road.

An early cascade on the colourful creek.


Hiking up the trail.

A series of falls.

One set of falls with more drop.

Falls and pool.

Hiking up alongside the gorge.

A look downriver from Stanley Falls.

The group: Peter, Anne-Christelle, Jolene, Adele, Farron

Heading back down the trail.

Navigating the final flooded section.

Photos taken by Rachel

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