Helen Lake
Day 1 of Multi-Day Hiking Trip

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The trail to Helen Lake starts off across the road from Bow Lake, and gains elevation while southbound along the lower slopes.
As you rise higher, views of Bow Lake and Crowfoot Mountain emerge, until you crest the shoulder of the ridge protecting Helen Lake.

Crowfoot Mountain from the parking lot.

The Crowfoot Glacer and Bow Lake on the way up.

The trail, braided in places.

Hiking up the front side.

A look south to Mount Hector and others.

The group enjoys the view of the Crowfoot.

From the ridgecrest, the view chances as you leave behind highway 93 for alpine meadows.
The trail heads back north and gains a little more elevation to head towards Helen Lake and Cirque Peak.

Snack break on the ridgecrest, with Bow Peak behind.

Starting off through the meadows.

A first view of Cirque Peak and our destination.

The stunning Helen Creek cuts through the meadows.

Helen Creek.

Crossing the creek on a set of boulders.

The meadows lead right to the lake, which is a gorgeous blue-green tucked into a small cirque at the base of Cirque Peak.
The lake has a great set of colours due to the red-orange shoreline, and we found many wildflowers ringing it as well.

Cirque Peak and the lake bowl ahead.

A first view of Helen Lake.

Helen Lake and Cirque Peak.

Looking into the rich colour of the lake.

Pano of the lake below Cirque Peak and Crystal Ridge.

The creek draining the lake.

Wildflowers ring a small tarn above Helen Lake.

The clear water flowing out of the lake.

We enjoyed lunch at the lake, then headed back down, and managed pretty awesome weather for the whole trip.

The group starts the trip back.

Hiking down through the meadows.

Adele crosses Helen Creek on the return trip.

Farron takes to the skies to cross the creek.

The wildflower meadow.

Heading back through the last of the meadows.

Photos taken by Rachel

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