Plain of Six Glaciers

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We started the hike by heading to Mirror Lake, then took the Highline Trail around the Big Beehive towards the glacier trail.

Starting out on tourist avenue.

Mirror Lake.

The traverse trail.

The trail barely stays on the side of the hill.

It's definitely worth it to take the Highline Trail one of the ways, as the views up the valley are quite nice.
The first part was quiet, but once we joined the main trail, the crowds grew as we headed to the teahouse.

Starting down the Highline Trail.

The Highline Trail.

Looking up to Lefroy and Victoria.

A cable is bolted along this wide ledge...

Hiking up switchbacks to the teahouse.

A look back down to Lake Louise.

We continued beyond the teahouse up to the Abbot Pass viewpoint towards the head of the valley.
It's a worthwhile viewpoint, but on a sunny July weekend, the trail was definitely chock full of people, including the usual
crowd wearing bear bells and flipflops, walking three abreast across the trail at a glacial pace.
It's a worthwhile hike, but I was definitely ready for a next hike in the middle of nowhere afterwards.

The teahouse turnoff.

The trail past the teahouse.

Small avalanche off the Victoria Glacier.


Lake Louise from the endpoint.

The old moraines the glacier hasn't been near in a long time.

Crowds at the Abbot Pass viewpoint.

Abbot Pass.

The Deathtrap below Abbot Pass.

The Victoria Glacier hangs on the edge of a cliff.

Crevasses in the glacier below.

A look at the whole area from the end Abbot Pass viewpoint.

We returned via the valley-bottom trail to Lake Louise and around the side, with a stop off at some nice showers to cool off.

Hiking back along the ledges.

Here's why kids shouldn't play on the remaining snow..

Shower time!

Cooling off for the hike down.

Wonderful showers along the way.

A badly flooded section of trail at the Louise delta.

Braving the last shopping mall section to the cars.

Photos taken by Rachel

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