Lake McArthur
a large lake of astounding colour in the Lake O'Hara region.

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Lake O'Hara is well-known as a wonderland of colourful lakes, broad plateaus, and daring ledgey routes.
We had a chance to operate some day hikes in the area this year, and visited a series of locations.
For the Lake McArthur trip, we had a rather dreary day, which definitely stripped off the O'Hara wonder, but the lake was still a great destination.
The trip started with a light drizzle as we hiked up to Schäffer Lake and McArthur Pass.

Starting out the trail in the misty morning.

Schäffer Lake.

Schäffer Lake from above.

The trail in McArthur Pass.

Beyond the Pass, the trail splits into the High Level trail and the Low Level. We took the High Level trail in, and I recommend it.
There are a couple of steps that require a little hands-on stair climbing along the way, but they are nothing difficult.
The highlight of the trail is reaching the pass above McArthur Lake and getting a great view of the whole cirque before heading down to the shore.

McArthur High Level.

Hiking the high trail.

The second stairstep.

First view of Lake McArthur.

The group enjoying the view.

Hiking down to the lake.

Lake McArthur and larch trees.

Lake McArthur had actually been iced over just the week before, and a fair bit of ice lingered on the far side.
With the clouds still hanging low, it didn't have the sunlight vibrant blues, but there was definitely a rich moody tone, and it's a gorgeous lake any time.

Lake McArthur.

The shoreline and clear blue water.

Glassy water on this calm morning.

The lake basin.

Biddle Glacier hanging above the lake.

Moody Lake McArthur and shoreline.

We had lunch at the lake, then took the Low Level trail back to the pass, and the Big Larches trail back from Schäffer Lake to O'Hara (also worthwhile)
The clouds lifted a little into the afternoon, but never left enough for any sun to make it through.

Starting down from the lake.

Low Level trail away from the lake.

Steep descent on the Low Level trail.

Starting down the Big Larches trail.

Big Larches.

The clouds lift for a view of Lake O'Hara.

Lake O'Hara.

Photos taken by Rachel

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