Buller Creek
A short hike to a punchbowl falls on Buller Creek

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Buller Creek is a clear mountain stream with a trail that heads to the pass at the top of the valley.
While the pass is a great hike, there is a waterfall partway along that also makes a great endpoint for a shorter day.
We had a forecast of nothing but rain, but it stayed steadily light as we started up the creek.

Along Buller Creek.

The first bridge.

There was a prescribed burn in the Buller Creek valley over the summers of 2010-2011, and the trail goes right through the burned areas.

New growth starting beneath the burned trees

Heat-killed trees on the edge of the burn.

Beautiful colours on the edge of the burn.

After passing through the burned section, a steep hike up the headwall leads to the Buller Creek Falls.

The waterfall from above.

Hiking above the falls for lunch.

Buller Creek Falls.

On the way down, it started to rain harder, so the jackets and umbrellas came out.

Umbrella brigade.

Hiking down the headwall.

Photos taken by Rachel

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