C-Level Cirque
A short shady hike for a hot day

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C-Level Cirque is a short hike through an old mining area up to a cirque on the east face of Cascade Mountain.
The trail starts in the trees, and stays mostly shady for the ascent, with a couple views out through the trees.

Neil starts up the trail.

Typical trail.

Old mining building.

Fenced-off entrance to a mine.

The cirque itself is broad, with a snowfield descending from the back wall.
There is a lot of avalanche debris around, suggesting a pretty violent place to be in the winter.
A trail continues up to the top of the cirque.

Snowfield and debris in the cirque.

Neil heads up to the back of the cirque.

C-Level Cirque.

Looking back down the trail.

The trail up and tarn at the edge of the valley.

Trees knocked over by winter avalanches.

More trees lean, and the vegetation grows largely on the downhill side.

A small waterfall drops from a tiny ledge above.

Photos taken by Rachel

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