Many Springs Basin
A short walk in Bow Valley Provincial Park known for awesome spring wildflowers

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Many Springs Basin is a short walk in Bow Valley Provincial Park.
Erin, Angie, and I headed out one evening in search of wildflowers.
We found piles of wildflowers (soon to be added to my site), but also found some pretty scenery including a great sunset.
Unfortunately, we also found clouds of bugs. Bring a huge can of bug spray if vising here in the evening!

Yates Mountain above the springs basin

A beaver dam keeps the basin flooded.

The sun sets behind Door Jamb Mountain.

Yamnuska and Goad Ridge reflected in the evening.

A platform on the edge of the water allows viewing of one of the springs sources.

Pano of Many Springs Basin in the evening.

We finished our walk as the light grew low, and started to head out when the clouds arranged themselves spectacularly.
We headed to Middle Lake, a trailhead down the road, to watch the sunset.

Yamnuska appears to be smoking as the sun lights the clouds.

Sunset colours above Goat Mountain.

Pano of the sunset in the last of the daylight.

Yamnuska and Goat Ridge reflect perfectly in the still waters of Middle Lake.

Watching the reflections in the lake.

Mount Yamnuska in the last of the light.

Erin and Angie walk back as the colours fade.

A final view out to the west.

Gorgeous sunset colours.

Photos taken by Rachel

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