Lower Kananaskis Falls
An easy hike to a spring cascade

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The Lower Kananaskis Falls is often mistakenly referred to as the Upper Kananaskis Falls, because it is off of the Upper Lake.
This is a mistake, as both Upper and Lower Kananaskis Falls are upstream of Upper Lake, but the route to the Upper Falls is decommissioned.

The hike to Lower Kananaskis Falls is a straightforward trail around the north shore of Upper Kananaskis Lake.
At the northwest end of the lake, the trail goes past the turnoff for point campground to visit the falls just upstream of the lake.
In spring, the lake is low, and the falls are high. Over the course of the summer, the lake rises, and the falls flow lower.

Lower Kananaskis Lake from North Interlakes.

Upper Kananaskis Lake from the start.

Hiking down the rockpile from the high trail.

The rockslide.

Lower Kananaskis Falls.

The bridge above the falls.

Hiking back.

Photos taken by Rachel

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