Heart Creek

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Distance - 4km Elevation gain - 75m
45min ascent / 45 min descent

Laurier and I joined Olivier, Tiffany, and the kids for a hike up Heart Creek.
The kids wandered along the bridges and got pretty comfortable by the end of it.

Heart Mountain from the base of the creek.

Hiking across the first bridge.

Jackie takes a walk across the next bridge herself.

Olivier and Laurier took a bit of a detour.

Hiking up the path.

Gabrielle and Lucas take the bridge themselves.

The wider final bridge.

Gabrielle and Oliver climb a rock slope.

Family photo from the waterfall lookout.

Laurier helps Lucas back down the rocks.

The view from the waterfall lookout down to the rest of the group.

Family photo at the end of the creek.

Laurier and Olivier get ready to head back.

The rest of the group crossing on the way back.

Photos taken by Rachel

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