Evan-Thomas Creek
An easy snowshoe route to some great ice climbs.

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The route up Evan-Thomas Creek starts up the Evan-Thomas fire road, then when the road meets a bridge and turns off to the left (north), the route continues along the creek.
In early or late season, there can be troubles with creek crossings, but generally, there is enough that is solidy frozen to cause no issues.
The route takes the north shore of the creek up to the ice climb Chantilly Falls, then later crosses the creek and enters the forest for a look at Moonlight, where we turn around.

Evan-Thomas fire road.

Hiking up the road.

The creek route beyond the road.

Hiking along the creek.

Chantilly Falls.


Climbers on Moonlight.

Ice climbers.

Hiking back along the creek.

The group snowshoeing.

Photos taken by Rachel

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