Rawson Lake
A great snowshoe to a tarn in a striking alpine cirque

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The weather was very warm - solidly above zero all day - for this trip.
Very luckily so, as the wind whipping across Upper Kananaskis Lake was near the strongest I've felt it - and flinging snow crystals.
We hustled to the shelter of the trees, and found it fairly sheltered for much of the hike.
The lake is frozen over, but just barely, with open patches near some edges.
The light ice and the strong wind made for dunes of dry snow moving across the lake - very cool.
The sun mostly hid behind clouds, but there was blue in the sky and occasional patches of light kept it non-dreary.

Upper Kananaskis Lake and light on Indefatigable.

Looking across the lake from the trail.

Hiking past Sarrail Creek Falls

Downhill on the trail.

Ice floes at Sarrail Creek.

Rawson Lake and Mount Sarrail.

Upper Kananaskis Lake and the Opal Range.

Snow dunes drifting across the frozen lake.

Photos taken by Rachel

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