Forks Backpacking Trip

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2 nights at Forks campground, day hike to Three Isle Creek waterfall in between.

A September backpacking trip to Forks Campground.
We had mostly good weather the first day for the hike in, which is always nice.
We set up at Forks Campground for the two nights.

Looking across an unusually calm Upper Lake.

Full Upper Kananaskis Lake in September.

The start of the trail in sun.

Lunch break at Invincible Creek.

The cascades upstream of Upper Kananaskis Falls.

Bridge across the Upper Kan. River.

Vibrant moss in a pool near the campground.

Three Isle Creek at the campground.

The next day, we hiked up towards Three Isle Lake. We had lunch at the waterfall, and continued up the headwall with some for a view.
Unfortunately the weather didn't hold, and we made it back to camp just in time to set up for the rain.
It rained steadily all evening, and continued on and off the next day (though at least stayed with rain and not snow..)
We returned the same way under drearier conditions.

Start of the now smaller trail.

The stairs that make it possible to ascend the headwall.

Three Isle Creek falls.

Photos taken by Rachel

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