Running Rain Lake

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Distance - 7.63km Elevation gain - 150m
2 hours ascent, 2 hours descent

Running Rain Lake is a great spot in the Highwood that doesn't get a lot of traffic. The trail is short, but very enjoyable.
The first obstacle is to cross Storm Creek - the star of what will become the Highwood River.
We grab sandals and hike down the short steep slope from the road to cross.
The first crossing, and main channel is usually calf- to knee-deep in the fall, and you can either wade or take a log across.
A short walk through a grassy field (leave the sandals on) takes you to the second channel, which is broad and shallow (sometimes rock-hop-able).
There is one more small channel that's easy to step across, so after the low creek, we put on our hikers for the trip.
After the creeks, we ascend a short steep dirt slope, and then a steady uphilll through mixed forest.
The forest has some open areas, but really spreads out near the lake with a good view.
The meadow around the lake is grassy with assorted shrubs and seriously wet ground.
The trail is intermittent, and all the ground is waterlogged - even in the fall.

Descending to the creek.

Shauna crosses on the log bridge.

The second crossing - low, and easy to rock-hop.

The steep slope above the creeks.

Hiking up through the forest.

The meadow near the lake.

The group reaches the edge of the lake.

Shauna checks out the lake.

There's a great lunch spot halfway along the lake with some shade trees, and a narrow section of the lake.
We stopped for lunch, then did a loop around the lake before returning.

Ellie and Shauna at the edge of the lake.

Looking out to the deep green lake.

The group starts out around the lake.

Rough trail along the lake.

Pano from the corner of the lake. the lunch spot at the narrows is at the far right.

Steep dropoff under the water.

The other corner of the lake.

The group heads back down.

A small creek along the way back.

Narrow trail on the flats at the end of the trip.

Hiking back up to the road.

One final photo from along the hike.

Photos taken by Rachel

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