Parker Ridge
Final hike of our Wilcox Creek camping trip

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Distance - 6.5 Elevation gain - 300m
3:20 return (total)

Our final hike before heading home was Parker Ridge - a great short trip for a travelling day.
Parker Ridge is just south of Mount Athabasca, and provides a fantastic view of the peak.
There is a good trail up the north side of the ridge, to a saddle that overlooks the Saskatchewan Glacier Valley to the south.
We took the trail up, but stopped when we reached the pass.

Mount Athabasca and Hilda Peak from the trailhead.

Starting down the broad trail.

The group starts off down the trail.

Hiking up the switchbacks.

The great view of the peaks.

Neil and Laurier hike up the switchbacks.

Kyle hikes up the final section of trail.

Neil and Laurier hiking to the pass.

The final switchbacks.

Looking back out the north end of the pass.

When we reached the pass, instead of following the trail on through, we turned right (west) and hiked up the ridge.
We headed up a ways until we reached the knob of the first ridge, and had lunch there, tucked into some wind-blocking rockwalls.

Looking up the ridge.

Looking back down the ridge.

The pretty alpine land towards the east.

A first view of the Saskatchewan Glacier and Castleguard Mountain.

Mount Athabasca from the ridge.

Looking down to our lunch spot.

Full pano view from our lunch spot, centred on Mount Athabasca to the west.

Ridge of Mount Saskatchewan to the south.

A ridge continues up to Mount Athabasca.

From our lunch spot, it is possible to drop down the other side and pick up a ridge that leads a long way up towards Mount Athabasca.
This would be a neat addition to make a full-day hike exploring the area, but we didn't have that sort of time, so we hiked back down to the pass.

Leigh and Kyle start down the ridge.

The view down to the pass.

Laurier, Neil, Leigh, and Kyle hiking down.

The group makes it on down to the pass.

The view south to the Saskatchewan Glacier.

Neil and Laurier at the pass.

From the pass, we followed the trail to the south side, and hiked along the hillside for a ways, getting a nice view down into the Saskatchewan Valley.
The Saskatchewan Glacier is way up the valley, with a toe lake below, and then several kilometres of gravel outwash flats.
We hiked until we had seen about as much view as there was to see, and then returned the same way.

The trail continues through the pass.

The rest of the group follows down the trail.

Looking back up the ridge.

Leigh hikes the trail.

The great view from the end of the trail.

The Saskatchewan Glacier and Mount Castleguard.

Photos taken by Rachel

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