Beauty Creek

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Distance - 3.95 Elevation gain - 150m

On our second day, we stopped by a few small things, and hiked the Beauty Creek trail, which is just north of the Athabasca Glacier, and one valley north of Wilcox Pass.
The Beauty Creek trail is very short and undemanding, but follows a creek with waterfall after waterfall, making for really interesting walking and great photography.
We took our time, and then had lunch along the creek upstream of the largest waterfall, Stanley Falls.
The trail continues for some distance, but there's nothing really to see after that point.

Starting off on the old road.

A bridge once crossed the creek here.

Looking down into the canyon.

Neil checks out the Beauty Creek canyon.

Looking up to a waterfall.

Debris caught in the narrow creek canyon.

Another waterfall.

Looking down the creek.

Small waterfall.

Next waterfall from above.

Laurier climbs back out of the canyon.

Climbing up the wall.

More pretty waterfalls.

A larger falls on the colourful creek.

A small cascade.

More pretty falls.

Large rockpile along the trail

Neil and Laurier hike up the trail.

Looking back down the creek.

The water flows over a ledgey fall.

Stanley Falls at the end of the hike.

The cyan-blue water flowing down the creek.

Stanley Falls from above.

Pretty creek colours at our lunch spot.

Photos taken by Rachel

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