Wilcox Creek camping

Laurier, Neil, Kyle, Leigh, and I spent the September long weekend camping at Wilcox Creek on the Icefields Parkway to do some day hikes.
We did three day hikes plus some exploring around.

Mountain view from the campground.

Mount Athabasca from the road.

Icefall view from the campground.

Glaciers on the north face of Mount Andromeda.

Sunwapta Falls.

Neat eroded roots near the waterfall.

Day Hikes

Day 1 - Wilcox Pass day hike, plus stop by Athabasca Glacier
Day 2 - Beauty Creek day hike, plus visits to Sunwapta Falls and the Jasper area.
Day 3 - Parker Ridge day hike

Wilcox Pass

Athabasca Glacier

Beauty Creek

Parker Ridge

Photos taken by Rachel

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