Elbow Lake Backpacking Overnight

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I did an overnight trip to Elbow Lake with a family who wanted to get into backpacking.
The weather was beautiful and provided awesome scenery. The hike is only 1.3km to the lake (though mostly uphill), so it's a great first night out.
We started out on the trail mid-morning, and despite the bit uphill, had a good walk to the lake.

The trail up to the lake.

Avalanche-crushed trees at the top of the little pass.

The last walk up to Elbow Lake.

Elbow Lake is in a great location below Mounts Elpoca and Rae, and is gorgeous in bright sun.
We had a good evening and a pretty warm night.

Elbow Lake and the south end of Mount Elpoca

Elbow Lake looking east.

The morning dawned with a clear sky but lots of low-lying mist for some really neat photos.

Misty morning at the campground.

Misty Elbow Lake.

Elbow Lake in the morning sun.

Sun breaks over the mountaintop.

Sun rays reach the campground.

Crepuscular rays through the mist.

More awesome rays.

The mist burned off as the sun broke over Mount Rae and warmed up the valley, and we enjoyed a warm walk back out.

Heading out from the lake.

Hiking back.

Photos taken by Rachel

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