High Noon Hills
A nice walk in the Sheep River foothills

The High Noon Hills are just east of the Kananaskis boundary, and the trip is short enough to be a tiny line on a 1:50,000 map.

The High Noon Hills hike begins at a roadside pullout just before the Kananaskis boundary on highway 542.
Look for a small hill cut out by the highway, and a path on its shoulder. The path climbs over then shortly crosses a gate.
The trail begins in mixed forest with flower-laden grasses, and shortly climbs the first hill.

Watch for this on the roadside.

The fence crossed at the beginning.

The faint path up the first hillside

Walking along the edge of the forest.

View from the first hill.

With only a short dip and rise to the second hill, the view opens up to the Sheep River valley and the mountains to the west.
The top of the second hill is a great spot for a snack break with a broad grassy slope and lots of flowers.

The second hilltop.

View into the valley and more foothills.

Break on the second hill.

Descending the open hillside.

From the second hill begins a big descent down the far (south) side of the hill to meet with a path.
From here, one can continue downhill to meet the Sheep River, or as we did on this trip, follow the path to the east.
The path leads to a junction with multiple possible routes to ascend the third hill.

The path under the second hill.

Following the path.

The junction below the third hill.

Looking up the hillside.

We followed a route around the hill and then bushwhacked to the summit. It's not the best route, but it was scenic.

Heading up through grassy meadows.

View from the top of the third hill back to the second.

We returned along the fenceline, which was a little easier walking, though not quite as scenic, and retraced our steps over hills 2 and 1.

Haven't figured out what this is.

Heading back up hill #2.

On the second hill.

Meadows near the start of the trail.

Photos taken by Rachel

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