Bull Creek Hill

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Distance - 6km return Elevation gain - 725m
3 hours ascent / 1.5 hours descent

The Bull Creek Hills are a series of hills in the entrance to the Highwood Valley.
For this trip, we hiked up the eastmost hill, and returned the same way.
The route is unofficial the whole way, but pretty clear. The trail starts out clear ascending a small ridge.
At the top of the ridge, the trail filters out into an assortment of paths.
On the other side of the creek, the route passes through a meadow and a tunnel of trees.
After the tree tunnel, the route is pretty open and windswept the rest of the way.

Starting up the initial ridge.

The trail winds up the first slope.

The meadow beyond the first ridge.

Hiking beyond the tree tunnel.

Snack break partway up the slope.

A look back to the first ridge we cross.

Hiking further up the slope.

The upper slope was windy enough that we hid under the ridge.

Looking up the windy ridge.

The group reaches the summit cairn.

The rest of the Bull Creek Hills to the west.

Descending the windy upper slopes.

The group makes it back to the saddle.

The group hikes through piles of flowers in the grass.

Hiking back below the tree tunnel at the end.

The final ridge.

The group finishes up the trail.

Photos taken by Rachel

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