Jumpingpound Ridge - Cox Hill
A long ridgewalk in the Powderface

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Distance - 19km Elevation gain - 500m

On Canada Day, we did a great ridgewalk along the length of Jumpingpound Ridge and Cox Hill.
The first obstacle was the car shuttle. We left Laurier's car at the finish line, then all 7 of us pile into Jen's car to the start.

3 of the 4 in the back, plus Jenett's trunkseat.

The whole car! (Neil's hat is to the right of Laurier's head).

The south end of Jumpingpound Ridge does not have an official trailhead.
The trip starts at the WWII Memorial, and follows a trail into the meadow, and becomes pretty clear from there on.
Unfortunately, a herd of cattle was on the road, and blocked our view of the memorial, so we missed it at first.
After walking up the road a bit looking for it, then realizing it didn't seem right and heading back, we found the memorial and confirmed the start.

Memorial on the west side of the road.

The plaque.

Hiking up the road.

Starting on the correct trail.

More cattle in the field.

The group hikes through a dandylion field.

The trail ascends steadily on both traverses and a series of switchbacks to gain elevation quickly and reach the ridge.

A look SW from the start of the ridge.

Hiking along the south side of the ridge.

The group switchbacks up the hillside.

A view NW from the ridgecrest.

Once the ridgecrest is reached, the trees thin out for some views, then the trail breaks above them just before the summit turnoff.

Hiking on the south ridge.

The trail just south of the summit.

The summit of Jumpingpound Mountain is a .2km diversion east from the ridge trail, and has a great view, just above the treeline.
We stopped for lunch before continuing along the north section.

Jumpingpound Summit.

Lunch on the mountain.

The ridge to the north.

The group heads for the north section.

The north part of the ridge is more open, and a fairly steady cruise.
The sun hid behind clouds for much of it, taking away from the lighting, but the view is nice.

Walking along the north ridge.

Small pond with Tiara and other peaks behind.

The trail winds through the meadows.

Final section of trail along the north ridge.

The trail descends briefly into the trees, where it continues NW along the ridge, back to the road.
We went NE, now on the Cox Hill trail, and back up to the summit of Cox Hill.

Hiking up the Cox Hill south ridge.

The group approaches their second summit.

Summit of Cox Hill.

Switchbacks below the summit.

From Cox Hill, it's another 6.5km of trail steadily descending back to the road.
The faster people ran ahead to collect Jen's car, and we all finished up the trek.

Photos taken by Rachel

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