Point Overnight
A short work trip to the Point in June.

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The Point is a great easy-access backcountry campground that I've visited a few times, both on my own and for work.
This trip, we took the low route along the abnormally glassy lake, then hiked to Lower Kananaskis Falls as well after setting up camp.

The start of the trip.

Typical trail along the lake.

Typical trail passing through the forest.

An atypical reflection from a lookout along the way.

The group stops for lunch beside the glassy water.

The route through the rockpile.

Lower Kananaskis Falls, running high.

The empty lake from the campground.

The low river on the north end of the campground.

Later in the year, this whole area is part of the lake.

Trail through the rockpile on return.

Mount Kidd's layers stand out on the drive home.

Photos taken by Rachel

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