Emerald Lake

On our second day in Banff, Laurier and I headed over to Yoho to explore an area I haven't seen in a while.
We first stopped by Emerald Lake, and went for a walk around the near side of the lake and some ponds nearby.

Pond in the creek emerging from Emerald Lake.

Emerald Lake and the lodge.

Huge cornices on the roof of the lodge.

Avalanche paths on the edge of the lake.

After Emerald Lake, we stopped at the Natural Bridge. The water is always gorgeous, but particularly spectacular in the snow.

The Natural Bridge doesn't stand out all that much when covered in snow, but you can see the ice underneath.

Water flowing along the rockshelves downstream.

Beautiful Rockies water.

A deep blue curve in the creek.

The rock shelf underneath stands out in the shallow areas.

Last look at the deep, and in winter, placid, plunge pool.

Photos taken by Rachel

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