Evan-Thomas Creek

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Distance - 9km return Elevation gain - 200m
3.5 hours out / 2 hours back

I went snowshoeing with Danielle and some friends to explore the Evan-Thomas Creek valley.
We wandered along the creek a ways, back and forth, and I determined there's no particular reason to leave the creekside.

The Evan-Thomas fire road sets out.

We go snowshoeing through the forest.

Danielle doing some bushwhacking.

Hiking up along the creek.

We cross the creek again.

Heading up the creek, we run into the ice climbs for which most people come up the creek.
The first ice climb is Chantilly Falls, a long moderate climb in a tight gully.
We stopped by the bottom of the climb for lunch.

Chantilly Falls from across the creek.

Looking up the icefall.

Chantilly Falls and the gully.

Danielle and the group at the base of the falls.

We continued up the creek, with the snow coming down more heavily.
Beyond the first ice fall, there weren't any new tracks, so we broke trail through some very deep snow.
It's not too much further past Chantilly to the next set of climbs.

Hiking back across the creek.

Trekking through knee-deep snow along the creek.

More snow trekking.

Snowy snowy snow...

A glimpse up the creek to the next set of climbs.

The Moonlight area from below.

We hiked right up to the base of the climbs. It's not overly snowshoeable, as it is very steep and icy.
We got a good look at the climbs, then returned down moving backwards to keep traction.
The return trip along the creek went much more quickly as we took the straight route, and had a good trail to follow.

Hiking up to the climbs.

The ice climbs.


A good look up at the ice along the climb.

Photos taken by Rachel

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