Canyon Loop

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I wanted to check out the leaky Pocaterra Penstock and its winter water formations, and combined it with checking out the Canyon trail.
Axel and I explored an excellent loop from the Peter Lougheed Visitor Centre.
The loop takes the Canyon snowshoe trail to the Day Use area, then crosses the dam, to follow the pipeline its length.
Dropping downhill, the Canyon Interpretive trail can be followed in to the waterfall, then up around to see the bottom.
From there it's possible to just return the same way, but there is also a great off-trail route back to the visitor centre.

Waterfall below the pipeline.

Ice in the creek.

The ice flowing down the hillside forms a cave

Axel checks out the cave.

The entrance to the cave of ice.

The inside of the ice cave.

Icicles on the roof of the cave.

The ice takes over an evergreen.

Ice flowing out the back of the cave.

Axel in the cave.

The ice wall.

Icicles form the wall of the cave.

A look down at the interpretive trail.

The waterfall at the end of the line.

The summer stairs are covered in a layer of steep ice.

The ice spray from the pipe.

One of the biggest ice shoots along the pipe.

A thick ice flow.

Close up of some of the ice.

The ice spray takes over a tree.

Axel checks out the ice.

Looking up at the dam.

The pool at the lower end of the interpretive trail.

The bottom of the waterfall.

Thick ice flow along the pipe.

More ice.

The route back to the start.

Our trail on the way back.

Photos taken by Rachel

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