Penstock Loop

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Distance - 4.5km Elevation gain - 40m

Laurier, Garrison, Tim, and I went out to scout the Penstock Loop on a sunny December day.
We explored the loop, including checking out the Kent Creek sluiceway, and the icy penstock.
We had one additional detour due to a creek on the north end not being frozen, so we hiked along its banks to another road, crossed and returned.

Snowshoer sign at the beginning

The trail gets in a view above the road.

The Kent Creek sluiceway.

We checked out the containment structure at the end.

We discovered there wasn't much to see, but that it is possible to climb a ladder in snowshoes.

Trail through the eastern tree tunnel.

Small creek along the way.

Large ice crystals on the creek.

Pretty ice and frost growing on the creek.

Tim and Garrison reach the second road crossing.

Open forest on the SE trail.

The penstock pipe and its icy leaks.

Looking down the leaky pipe.

More frost crystals on some moss.

The frozen spray from the pipe.

Photos taken by Rachel

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