Rat's Nest Cave
A caving trip through the tourist route

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I did a guided trip through Rat's Nest Cave with coworkers from MEC.
The approach involves a short hike to the mouth of the cave, where our gear gets left.
The trip includes some walking through the cave, a rappel, and crawling through a couple tight spots.

The group hikes up to the entrance.

Our guide at the cave entrance.

Warning sign around the cave.

Warning at the mouth of the cave that it could collapse at any time...

Our guide leads off into the cave.

A collection of animal bones below a cave shaft.

The group's lights while descending a passage.

Someone comes down the dark rappel.

Tim rappelling with some more light.

Tim slides down a passage.

Looking down the length of the passage.

The view back up to the others waiting to descend.


An interesting stalagmite formation.

Terraced flowstone in the pit of the cave.

Perfectl clear water deep in the cave.

Following into a very tight passage.

More tight crawling.

Squirming out of a tight spot.

This spot requires you to turn as you squeeze through.

A tiny mushroom in the depth of the cave.

The group makes it back out.

Crawling out of the cave's entrance.

Grotto Mountain in the afternoon shadow.

Photos taken by Rachel

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