Lillian Lake Backpack
Another 2-night trip up Galatea Creek to Lillian Lake

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For this trip backpacking trip, we had a nice (and not too hot!) day up to the lake to set up camp.
On the second day, Kaitlyn took most of the group for a hike up to Guinn's Pass and the Galatea Lakes.
Unfortunately, one of the participants got sick, so I hiked him back out to the start, then returned to the group.
On the final day, a huge amount smoke flowed in from somewhere to the west giving the usual eerie quality to the lake.
The smoke didn't have any smell, and seemed like morning mist until it failed to lift off.
Since the point of the trip is the creek itself, it didn't really take away from the descent.

The start of the Galatea Creek trail.

One of the creek's many bridges.

The trail narrows further up.

Hiking through the forest.

Galatea Creek.

Another small cascade on the creek.

The trail opens up along the hillside.

A look back down the valley from halfway up.

The moss-coated creek at the Lost Lake turnoff.

First glimpse of Lillian Lake.

Lillian Lake.

The smoke the third morning.

Leaving a smoky Lillian Lake.

Photos taken by Rachel

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