Porcupine Ridge

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Distance - ~18.5km Elevation gain - 1000m
6 hous out / 4 hours return (including all breaks)

The route up Porcupine ridge starts in Porcupine Creek, which we hike up perhaps a kilometre before it splits in two.
At the junction, you can take either option to cross the creek, as the ridge is in the middle.
The initial hiking is trailless, but straightforward, taking any convenient line through the open forest to gain elevation up the ridge.

Looking through a lot of smoke to Porcupine Ridge ahead.

Hiking up the initial creek section.

Axel hikes rock along the creek.

Hiking up near the crest of the ridge.

After the short initial forest section, the ridge opens up.
For a good distance of the undulating ridge, there are intermittent trees. We hiked up through trees, grass, and rock to the distinctive trio of peaks.

Axel on the ridge.

Hiking along the edge.

Trio ahead.

Hiking through the rocky sections.

Looking back along the ridge.

A rocky pinnacle up top.

Partway along, there is a trio of rocky outcrops that stand out and make the ridge visually distinctive.
They also turned out to be quite interesting up close, though the smoke make all photos unimpressive.

The tight ridge up the middle pinnacle.

Looking back to the pinnacles.

Axel hikes beyond the pinnacles.

After the pinnacles, it was all rock. We also ran into the one tricky spot - a short hands-on downclimb.
Many people do an out-and-back to the pinnacles, but the ridge also connects to a number of other options.
We elected to continue to the low point at the end of the ridge, before it rose again to meet with Tiara Peak, then returned via the south fork of Porcupine Creek.

Axel downclimbs.

The one hands-on rockband,

Looking ahead along the rocky ridge.

A look back from the rocky section.

The ridge continues to wind up and down.

Look back through the smokey sky.

Looking ahead as the ridge rises to Tiara.

Tiara Peak from the last bump of the ridge.

Looking fown the valley of north Porcupine Creek.

Our route down the south fork of the creek.

Axel starts down from the ridge.

A mixture of rock slabs and rubble.

Once we made it down the gully, we hiked back along the creek.
There isn't much of a trail, so it was a mix of bits of paths and straight creekwalking.
Part of the way back, the creek had gained enough water that we couldn't just step across it any more.
Axel perfected his dry-crossing skills on an array of rocks, logs, and leaps. I decided to just walk through.
We crossed the creek many many times, and it was handy to not keep trying to stay dry and just go with the water.

Axel hiking through the upper creek valley.

Axel crossing downstream at the end of the day.

Photos taken by Rachel

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