Rowe Lakes
Second hike of Waterton trip

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Distance - 13.2km return Elevation gain - 575m

Our second day, we hiked up to the Rowe Lakes. The weather remained pretty nice for our hike up to the lower lake, where we just missed a grizzly.
Shortly after our arrival at the upper lake, a rainstorm blew in, so we abandoned thoughts of Lineham Ridge, and headed down.
It rained hard until a little past the lower lake on the way back, and eased off as we finished the trip.

Falls on the pretty red rock in Rowe Creek.

Rowe Creek flowing down the rock.

Jeff hiking the pretty open trail.

Looking up the trail.

Laurier hikes through thick cow parsnip.

Jeff hiking on the upper slopes with a smoky backdrop.

Laurier nearing the lower lake.

Rowe Creek.

Lower Rowe Lake.

The meadow with the lakes/Lineham junction.

Looking back down to the meadow.

Upper Rowe Lake, Mount Rowe behind, and Laurier and Jeff on the shore.

Jeff and Laurier hike down in the rain.

Rowe Creek in the upper valley.

Laurier and Jeff hike through the meadow.

Passing the Lower Lake junction on the way back.

On our return through the open trail, the rain has brought out the bright red in the rock of the hiking trail.

Photos taken by Rachel

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