West Wind Pass

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West Wind Pass is a great short hike off the Spray Lakes trail.
It's a short but steep hike that goes directly up the drainage on an unofficial trail to reach the broad pass.
The very first section doesn't have much going on, but as you get higher, you get a great view back to the reservoir.

Spray Lakes Reservoir from the trail.

Reaching the pass with no more trail above.

The broad pass.

The Windtower to the south of the pass.

The Rimwall to the north.

Panorama from West Wind Pass, with the Rimwall on the left, Wind Ridge out in front of the pass, and the Windtower on the right.
The ascent route comes from behind this view, shown at the very edges of this photo.

A look down to more tiers on the pass.

Looking back through the open pass.

Starting back down the trail with a great view of the Spray Valley.

Photos taken by Rachel

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