Middle Lake Loop
one of many small trails in Bow Valley Provincial Park

On this summer day, instead of a big day hike, we did a couple smaller trips that I'd been interested in checking out.
This was our third of the day. Links to the other trips are at the bottom.

The Middle Lake Interpretive Trail is a short walk in the Bow Valley through the forest along the shore of a pond.
This trail has no great sights, but the Bow Valley Provincial Park is a wonderland for flowers, and this trail is full of species not found many other places.
It's not a bad stroll if you're in the area, but I wouldn't choose it for its own merits unless you're flower-hunting.

Middle Lake and the view west.

Mount Yamnuska from the SW corner of the lake.

We started out with the Interlakes Interpretive Trail (Canadian Mount Everest Exedition Loop), then checked out the Canyon Interpretive Trail.
Then drove back up the road to Bow Valley Provincial Park and the Middle Lake Interpretive Trail, and finished with a swim below the Seebee Dam.

Photos taken by Rachel

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