Canyon Interpretive Loop

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On this summer day, instead of a big day hike, we did a couple smaller trips that I'd been interested in checking out.
This was our second of the day. Links to the other trips are at the bottom.

The Kananaskis Canyon Interpretive Loop is a very short walk below Lower Kananaskis Lake.
Before the dams were put in, the main river flowed through and carved this canyon.
Now only a small flow of water remains, but if you never visited the old river to miss, it's quite pretty.
A very recommended short walk for families.

Trailhead sign for the interpretive loop. They no longer stock brochures, but you can print them from the park website.

Erin finds a tree with a nicely-grown back rest.

The small creek at the base of the canyon.

The main pool and small falls in the lower canyon.

A tiny waterfall (for a tiny 'hike') flows alongside the stairs.

From the top, a look down at the pool area.

We started out with the Interlakes Interpretive Trail (Canadian Mount Everest Exedition Loop), then checked out the Canyon Interpretive Trail.
Then drove back up the road to Bow Valley Provincial Park and the Middle Lake Interpretive Trail, and finished with a swim below the Seebee Dam.

Photos taken by Rachel

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