Dyson Falls

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Tyler and I headed out to scout the Dyson Falls trail for future work trips.
As it is a short hike, we continued on, with the plan to summit Green Mountain in the process.
Unfortunately, I missed the Sheep Trail turning off the Junction Mountain Fire Lookout trail, and we ascended a ways.
After a while, it became clear the trail was not going to turn in the intended direction, and I figured out my mistake.
We returned, and headed down the sheep trail long enough to find a falling apart building - apparently an old outhouse?
but we had evening obligations and didn't have enough time left to make it to the mountain.
Dyson Falls itself is a small waterfall, but you can walk right up to the lip of the falls, and with a short scramble step, the base as well.
It's particularly nice as a spring hike when the flowers are out and everything is bright green.

In addition to the endpoint of the hike, the trip starts at the Indian Oils trailhead, with has Tiger Jaw Falls and a neat canyon.

The Sheep River cuts deep through the layers at the beginning of the hike.

Tight spot on the Sheep River.

Tiger Jaw Falls at the bridged crossing.

The trail winds through open meadows..

..and in and out of bits of Aspen forest.

Dyson Falls.

Tyler scrambles down the rockstep to the creek.

Dyson Falls from the base.

Tyler tries to keep his feet dry at the base.

Tyler has a last look at the falls.

The abandoned outhouse.

Tyler crosses Dyson Creek on the way back.

Photos taken by Rachel

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