Marmot Creek
An off-trail hike that visits a continuous series of waterfalls.

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This hike begins with the short, easy normal route to Troll Falls.

Troll Falls at the end of the hiking trail.

Troll Falls from the side.

It is possible to walk to the edge of the falls and look through..

... as so.

The 'troll' for which the falls are named.

The Marmot Creek route is an unofficial trail that heads upstream from Troll Falls.
First, we cross the creek below the falls wherever convenient (usually have to head downstream a little to find a spot).
From there, head upstream on a series of paths. Some are rougher than others, but there's really no major navigation - just follow a route going upstream.
The creek is a series of falls, so staying close to the creek allows one to visit each falls.

The route above the falls.

Looking down on Troll Falls.

Exploring for waterfalls.

Lower Canyon Falls.

Marmot Falls.

View from behind Marmot Falls.

It's easy to walk right behind Marmot Falls, on pretty easy (and dry) ground. This is definitely one of the highlights.

Some of the smaller falls along the way.

Smaller falls.

Upper Canyon Falls.

Once you reach the canyon, walk carefully along its edge (no need to walk close) to head above the falls.
There are some questionable crossings, all of which you should ignore.
Above the canyon, there's a waterf low measuring station, and just above that, a good metal bridge.
Once you cross the metal bridge, climb up the other side to reach a large road-trail.
A map of the area will help, but you can basically descend the road to reach the trails around the base and return to whichever area you parked at.

Photos taken by Rachel

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